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Public Engagement
Part of HUMANSERVE's mandate is to inform the Canadian public about humanitarian aspects of Palestinians and Lebanese in the Middle East.  We also endeavour  to develop mutual ties with all individuals, groups and organizations interested in the humanitarian aspects of disadvantaged populations  in the Middle East.  One of the ways we are able to achieve this goal is to organize public engagement activities and to participate in similar activities sponsored by other groups and organizations.

Public engagement activities link international development activities with community awareness and education in Canada.  By making these links, HUMANSERVE works to facilitate a learning process that will enable Canadians to better understand the nature and importance of global issues.  Through public engagement activities, HUMANSERVE encourages Canadians to:

  • appreciate the importance of global interdependence
  • recognize the ability of people in developing countries to find solutions to their own problems
  • understand the many facets required for sustainable development (environmental, economic, social and cultural development)
  • see the importance of Canadian support for international development
  • become actively involved in international development activities at home and abroad


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2003 - Speaking of War and Peace
HSI President Vanessa Ali was a guest key note speaker at an event hosted by Citizens for Public Justice and KAIROS. Held in Edmonton.
2002 - Global Visions Festival
HSI sponsored
Gaza Strip by filmmaker James Longley, Screened at the Stanley Milner Public Library, Edmonton.
2002 - Emergency Medical Services Under Siege
HSI sponsored a talk by guest speakers
Mr. Younis Al-Khatib, President of the Palestine Red Crescent Society and Shane Dabrowski, Firefighter/Paramedic with the Fort MacMurray Fire Department. Mr. Al-Khatib was not given permission to travel by the Israeli Authorities, so he joined us via live audio-link. Mr. Dabrowski had volunteered for 6 months as an EMS worker with the PRCS in the West Bank, and was the incident commander at the site of the Jenin refugee camp. Event held at the Engineering Teaching and Lecture Centre, U of A, Edmonton. Co-sponsored by the U of A SU Revolutionary Speakers Series.
2002 - Palestine 101
HSI President Vanessa Ali presented a talk and Power Point show on the history of Palestine and current events leading up to the Intifada. Event held in Calgary.
2001 - Live From Palestine
HSI hosted the filmmaker Rashid Masharawi and screened his film
Live From Palestine. We also had a silent auction of Palestinian art and handicrafts. Held at the Stanley Milner Public Library, Edmonton.
2001 - Global Visions Festival
HSI sponsored
Frontiers of Dreams & Fears (Ahlam El-Manfa) by Palestinian filmmaker Mai Masri, Screened at the Stanley Milner Public Library, Edmonton.
2001 - Colour the Sky - Free Orient House
members and supporters handed out  RED, BLACK, WHITE and GREEN (colours of the Palestinian flag) balloons with a brief statement attached to passers-by Whyte Avenue, Edmonton.  This local action was mounted in solidarity with Orient House in East Jerusalem which was held under siege by the Israeli Authorities.
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