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Casino Fundraiser

Volunteering during COVID-19

Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) has announced re-opening of casino facilities in compliance with Alberta Government public health orders around the pandemic. This has allowed Humanserve to keep our previously scheduled dates -see details.

Health & Safety Precautions

The following information is from AGLC regarding health and safety precautions at re-opened casinos:

  • The use of face masks or facial coverings is permitted by casino staff and patrons.
  • Volunteers are permitted to wear face masks when conducting their duties and must comply with all applicable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements by facility operators.
  • Barriers may be installed to protect staff and patrons, with plexi-dividers or equivalent safety shields being installed at various locations, including but not limited to:
    • Gaming Floor;
    • Security podium;
    • Slot Cage;
    • Cash Cage;
    • Other areas as deemed appropriate by the facility operator.
  • Charities are required to provide a minimum of three (3) volunteers per shift in order to cover the required positions for Charity Cash Cage operations in all facilities.
  • Charities are required to provide a minimum of four (4) volunteers per shift in order to cover the required positions for Count Room operations.

Additional information can be obtained at the AGLC website. We will continue to update this page as we receive information from AGLC.




Our Upcoming Casino Event

Humanserve International is excited to announce that we have an upcoming Casino Fundraiser on September 25 & 26, 2020 at Starlight Casino (formerly Palace Casino) in West Edmonton Mall.

(Click here for more info regarding health and safety protocols at casinos during COVID19.)

We look forward to continuing our humanitarian work and serving the needs of refugee families and others living in the margins of society in Lebanon and Palestine. The money raised at our casino will allow us to do just that!

If you can volunteer your time to work a shift during our two-day casino event, email our Casino Chair, Tracy Shaben, before September 1, 2020. No experience is required and it's easy, fun and so worthwhile!

  • Meals and snacks will be provided by Humanserve during your shift(s)
  • Business casual clothing is required - no jeans
  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older and cannot have a criminal record
  • Volunteers must provide a valid ID such as their driver's license

Consider the few hours spent working a casino shift to be your volunteer contribution to HSI this year. How simple is that?


With the funds raised from private community-based donations, HUMANSERVE is able to achieve its mandate in relief and development work.  We thank you for your trust in this society and for your belief that by working together, we can improve the quality of life of our fellow man.  Through HUMANSERVE , the money you donate has an enormous positive impact on the lives of many people in the areas of health, education, nation building and disaster relief.

We invite you to make a secure, on-line donation by clicking on the link below. Payment options include major credit cards, debit cards or PayPal account:

If you prefer to donate by cheque, please send a personal cheque made out to "Humanserve International" to

Humanserve International
PO Box 67225
Edmonton, AB T5R 5Y3

If you would like to make arrangements for a HSI board member to collect your payment in person or if you have any questions regarding making a donation, please contact HSI.



HUMANSERVE has conducted many fundraising campaigns over the years. These have raised money both for planned projects overseas and in response to sudden emergency situations that have arisen as the result of war, displacement and occupation. The following is a list of the fundraisers that we have undertaken with the help of our volunteers. Since 1998, we have raised the following amount in fundraising campaigns:

$940,608.62 to January 31, 2020

See the list below for a summary. Many thanks go to our supporters for their generous donations!

Just One World - Ethical Global Marketplace - November 2019
St. Basil's Cultural Centre, Edmonton
Casino - September 2018
Starlight Casino, West Edmonton Mall
Marcel Khalife Concert - April 2018
Citadel Shoctor Theatre, Edmotnon
Just One World - Ethical Global Marketplace - November 2017
St. Basil's Cultural Centre, Edmonton
Casino - October 2016
Palace Casino, West Edmonton Mall
Music for a Cause - October 2016
Room at the Top, Student Union Building, U of A
Casino - September 2014
Palace Casino, West Edmonton Mall
Palestinian Bazaar - March 2013
TransAlta Art Barns, Edmonton
Casino - September 2012
Palace Casino, West Edmonton Mall
Casino - September 2010
Baccarat Casino, Edmonton
Just Christmas Sale - November 2009
Alberta Avenue Hall, Edmonton
$ 1,526.00
H20 Luncheon - March 2009
Maple Leaf Room, Lister Hall, University of Alberta
$ 3,360.00
Appeal for Emergency Relief for Gaza - January 2009
$ 9,425.00
Just Christmas Sale - November 2008
Alberta Avenue Hall, Edmonton
$ 1,240.00
United Way Great Human Race - May 2008
Downtown Edmonton
$ 1,430.00
Just Christmas Sale - November 2007
Alberta Avenue Hall, Edmonton
$ 2,259.00
United Way Great Human Race - May 2007
Downtown Edmonton
$ 1,243.00
Casino - April, 2007
Baccarat Casino, Edmonton
$ 71,890.00
Just Christmas Sale - November 2006
Prince of Wales Armouries, Edmonton
$ 2,325.00
Wrist Band Campaign for Victims of War in Lebanon - August 2006
Emergency Funds for Lebanon - July & August 2006
Pita the Great, Edmonton
$ 17,201.00
Just Christmas - November 2005
Prince of Wales Armouries, Edmonton
$ 1,736.00
Casino - January, 2005
Baccarat Casino, Edmonton
$ 84,605.00
Just Christmas - November 2004
Prince of Wales Armouries, Edmonton
$ 593.00
Just Christmas - November 2003
Prince of Wales Armouries, Edmonton
$ 745.00
Casino - January 2003
Baccarat Casino, Edmonton
$ 70,275.00
Just Christmas - November 2002
St. Joseph's Basilica, Edmonton
$ 2,090.00
S.O.S. for Palestine - May 2002
Canadian Druze Centre
Guest Speaker: Dr. Hossam Sharkawi
Director, Emergency Medical Services for PRCS - West Bank
$ 33,950.00
End the Occupation Rally - April 2002
Whyte Avenue, Edmonton
$ 6,265.00
Just Christmas - November 2001
St. Joseph's Basilica, Edmonton
$ 1,332.00
Appeal to Assist Victims of Home Demolitions In Gaza - April 2001

$ 10,000.00

Casino - April 2001
Baccarat Casino, Edmonton
$ 69,020.00
Appeal to Provide Medical Vests for PRCS EMS Workers
$ 5,066.00
Just Christmas - November 2000
St. Joseph's Basilica, Edmonton
$ 327.00
Fundraiser - October 15 2000
Stanley Milner Library Theatre, Edmonton
Casino - 1999
Baccarat Casino, Edmonton
Just Christmas - November 1999
St. Joseph's Basilica, Edmonton
$ 1,090.00

Annual Fundraiser - April 1999
Edmonton Country Club
Guest Speaker: Dr. Fathi Arafat
President, Palestine Academy of Science and Technology

$ 3,177.00
Just Christmas - November 1998
St. Joseph's Basilica, Edmonton

$ 935.00

Casino - 1997
Baccarat Casino, Edmonton
$ 54,150.00
Emergency Appeal for Lebanon - 1996
$ 24,000.00
Annual Fundraiser - 1995
$ 3,120.00
Just Christmas - November 1994
St. Joseph's Basilica, Edmonton
$ 619.00



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Please click here for information about making a general donation to support Humanserve's ongoing services and programs. Thank-you!

HUMANSERVE International is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) and we rely on the generous private donations we receive in order to carry out our relief and development projects overseas.HUMANSERVE has raised the following total in fundraising campaigns, general donations and zakaat:

$940,608.62 to January 31, 2020

Since 1993, HUMANSERVE has run many projects in the Middle East with matching grants from Wild Rose for projects which meet their funding criteria.  We sincerely appreciate the foundation's support over the years and their commitment to emergency relief and sustainable development in Lebanon and Palestine.

In 1998, HUMANSERVE was successful in obtaining Project Funding Status from the NGO Project Facility at the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).  Over the years, your dollar has not only matched on-to-one by Wild Rose, it has been matched twice again by CIDA in projects that met their funding criteria.  Thanks go to the support and guidance of our Programme Managers at CIDA and to the NGO Project Facility. See Past Projects for a summary of matching grants that have been granted to HUMANSERVE for our work overseas.

Over the years, HUMANSERVE has received many unsolicited donations from our supporters. These are donations that were not tied to any specific fundraising campaign. We have been able to use these general donations in a variety of ways: general operations of the society, travel overseas to monitor existing projects and seek out new partners and initiatives, etc. Most importantly, we have used the vast majority of these general donations to fund projects overseas. Since 1999, HUMANSERVE has raised the following amount in general donations:

$35,583.50 to September 30, 2019

If you would like to make a general donation, please send us an email.

During the month of Ramadan, HUMANSERVE accepts zakaat donations which we send overseas to Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon, the West bank and Gaza. Since 1999, HUMANSERVE has raised the following amount in zakaat:

$20,743.00 to September 30, 2019

If you would like to donate your zakaat to HUMANSERVE, please see the information under "Make a Donation".

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